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Mohenjodaro and Harappa Tour

Mohenjo-Daro (also Moenjo-daro, latitude 27 degrees, 25 minutes north, longitude 67 degrees 35 minutes east), in Larkana District, Sindh, Pakistan, is the largest and most extensively excavated Indus city in Pakistan.

This city would have dominated the major trade routes and agricultural potential of the southern Indus plain, from around 2600-1900 BCE.

The site was excavated over numerous seasons between 1922 through the 1930s by many different officers of the Archaeological Survey of India. In 1946 R. E. M. Wheeler undertook excavations.


Harappa is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about 24 km west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River. The current village of Harappa is 6 km from the ancient site. Although modern Harappa has a railway station left from the period of British administration, it is today just a small (pop. 15,000) crossroads town.

The site of the ancient city contains the ruins of a Bronze Age fortified city, which was part of the Cemetery H culture and the Indus Valley Civilization, centered in Sindh and the Punjab. The city is believed to have had as many as 23,500 residents, considered large for its time.


Day 01: Karachi – Chaukundi - Makli - Thatta - Hydarabad

Drive to Hyderabad en-route visit Chaukundi Necropolis, Thatta near Makli Necropol, Shah Jahan Mosque. Arrive and transfer to the hotel


Day 02: Haydarabad – Hirabad - Bhit Shah – Sehvan - Mancher Lake -Larkana

Drive to Larkana en-route visit Bhit Shah, Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai tomb, Sehwan Sharif, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, mud houses, ruins of fort and mancher lake. Arrive and transfer to the hotel


Day 03: Larkana – Mohenjodaro – Sukkur

Drive to Sukkur en-route visit Mohenjo-Daro, the Ruins and old city. Arrive and transfer to the hotel


Day 04: Sukkur - Khairpur – Bhong – Uch Sharif - Bahawulpurs

Drive to Bahawulpur en-route visit Khairpur, Faiz Mahal Palace, Bhong, the Bhong Mosque, Uch Sharif and visit the tombs with their stunning appearance, (Tombs of Bibi Jawindi, Baha el-Halim, Sheikh Seyfeddin Gazroni and Jalaluddin Bukhari). Arrive and transfer to the hotel


Day 05: Bahawulpur – Derawar Fort - Multan

Drive to Multan en-route visit Derawar Fort, the tombs around, Cholistan Desert. After the tour return to Bahawulpur for lunch. After the lunch visit Bahawulpur city and the Bahawulpur Museum. BahawalgarhPalace, Noor Mahal Palace, Gulzar Mahal Palace, after the tour free time in Bahawulpur Markets.


Day 06: Multan – Harappa - Lahore

Drive to Lahore en-route visit shrines of Bahaddin Zakariya, Shems Tebriz and Sheikh Rukneddin, free time in Hussein Agahi Bazaar till lunch. After the lunch, drive to Lahore. On way we will visit Harappa ancient city. Arrive and transfer to the hotel


Day 07: Lahore

Explore the city! Visit Old Lahore, Lahore Fort, Badshai Mosque, Iqbal Park and see Minar-e-Pakistan, Lunch at local restaurant, Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore Museum, Anarkali Bazaar, Shalimar Gardens, in the evening/night drive to the airport and fly to Karachi or to your destination!

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