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Chilinji Pass Trek

Chilinji/Chillinji pass is one of the most beautiful treks in Pakistan. Not many trekkers have been here yet because of it low publicity and needs some technicality in the glaciers as it is said to be a bit difficult to cross one of the glacier but in real it is not that dangerous, we at Hunza Explorers recommend this trek to the trekkers from 18 – 50 years of age!

Chilinji Pass is a high mountain pass in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan; it connects Karambar in Ishkoman tehsil of Ghizer district with Chapursan valley in Gojal (upper Hunza valley) tehsil of Hunza-Nagar district in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. The pass is 6 miles to the north of Koz Sar peak and to the west of the pass is Karambar river known as Ishkoman river. To the east of the pass is Chapursan River that flows southeast and joins Hunza river at Khudabad in Gojal valley.

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